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A Sister-Friend (SF) is a person who adds to your life by helping you to become all that you can be. She gives to you (even sacrificially) that you may increase in knowledge, style and courage. She has a genuine heart for your well-being and she can relate to your complexities from various view points. 

SF accepts your uniqueness and embraces the "REAL"  you without judgment. She preaches truth by lifestyle design and is always pursuing purposeful realities for herself and to share with those around her. She knows that even her noblest jesters of kindness are imperfect, but that never deters her from pressing pass her limitations to give herself as a living example (and in may cases) giving you permission to be all you can be too.

She will remember you always, no matter the distance or the life-assignment. She learns to love better as she gives love bringing the heart of service, relationship stewardship and continuity to the forefront. 

She comes in all ages, shapes, sizes and colors so don’t miss her or better yet don’t miss God!!! He sent her your way! 

(original writer unknown)

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